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rock pillow 9012 stone pillow 03

Good size, lots of filling. Shipping was super fast and the pillows are huge! The sizes are listed in the description so not sure why people would be surprised. Only reason not for 5 stars is the material could be softer but they are so comfy and have sooooo much filling in them!

rock pillow 9012 stone pillow 04

Love my pebble pillows and this set is wonderful. The zip works great and the graphics are well applied.These pillows shipped very fast and were packaged very well to avoid damage. I would definitely use this seller again!

rock pillow 9014 stone pillow 07

I bought these for my family room! They look like rocks, but feel very soft and comfortable. I lay on these all the time, and it’s a great attraction for when friends and family come over. HIGHLY recommended.

rock pillow 9017 stone pillow 11

Great Pillows and Great Customer Service Beautiful set of pillows: I use them as a modular modern sitting/meditative area in an Asian inspired corner of my home. The cushions are comfortable, well filled and offer good support for sitting/sprawling. The large pillow arrived with a small tear in the fabric. The seller was responsive, professional and fixed the problem very quickly and efficiently. Contemplating buying another set from the same seller given the excellent customer service.

pebble pillow rock pillow 9003 stone pillow 14

Now this is epic WOW. Now this, this is epic. I can’t begin to describe how incredible, immaculate, and incredible these pillows are. If I could I would give it one hundred stars. Now, let us begin with the texture of the pillows. It’s just like I expected it feels like a normal pillow, though 5 minutes later BOOM it feels like an actual rock. Next, I’m going to talk about the color of these pillows. The color reminds me of the time I climbed The Mountain, the color of the rocks is so similar to the color of these pillows it’s unreal. I am so glad I found these pillows they changed my life once I was depressed, now I’m full of joy because of these pillows. Thank you so so much.

rock pillow 9014 stone pillow 09

It’s a rock, it’s a pillow, it’s a pillow rock. Not cushy, but then it’s supposed to look like a rock. It’s cute and fun, which is all I require of a pillow that resembles a rock anyway. Good pillows These surprised me both with their size and how nice they are. They’re zipped with loose filling on the inside, which is much more useful than if they were sewn shut. They’re also very plush and look nicely stone-like. Perfect for my living room theme.


Ten years ago, on a sunny weekend, Mr. H, the founder of the, accompanied his family to climb a mountain and came to a canyon full of huge rocks. There is a winding stream passing through it. In a place where there is a big water drop, a few boulders have been washed out to be very smooth, like huge dinosaur eggs, very eye-catching and beautiful. The children drenched the shallow stream, scrambled to climb up the huge pebbles, frolicking and cheering on it. They sometimes used the cobblestone as a slide to slowly slide from the top to the bottom, and sometimes used the side of the cobblestone as a cliff to play rock climbing until they reached the top again and were exhausted, stretching their limbs and lying on the curved and smooth stone surface. The children quietly watched the white clouds floating in the sky, and suddenly the little daughter said to the founder: Dad, can we bring these huge pebbles home? The founder answered with love: Don’t you think it’s too big and too heavy to be moved? The children seemed very disappointed and said: it would be great if we could put them in our bedroom. Since then, whenever children play at home, they always think of the good time they spent on the huge pebbles that day. This made Mr. H deeply aware of how much children need interesting and beautiful things from nature. Thus, the idea of bringing home the joy of nature was born. After repeated design and production, Mr. H finally made a huge amazing rock cushion for the children. The children can not only lie on it to play and rest, but also move it easily around, and even use it to dress up their bedroom. The pillow brings unlimited fun to the children. Based on this, Mr. H decided to found the, which is committed to the design and development of more large items, and bring happiness from nature to children in the United States and the world as well as to adults with childlike innocence.


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